XITO: Teaching Justice & Decolonial Pedagogy

A Graduate Credit Offering Through Prescott College


Graduate Credit Requirements



XITO’s 3-day institutes are an opportunity for educators, activists and community organizers throughout the country to engage in and learn about the theories and methodologies behind the successes of the former Tucson Mexican American Studies Program. This gathering is not a conference but rather an intensive professional development opportunity that participants can bring back to their own communities. XITO facilitators will share the liberatory, research-based pedagogy and community organizing skills that led to the success of K-12 youth of color and communities of color in general.


Institute participants have the option to enroll in graduate credit for attendance at the event.


Institute Learning Targets:

1) I can identify and explain the national and local conditions that necessitate culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy in K-12 schools.

2) I have an understanding of how Xicanx indigenous and decolonizing epistemologies can frame curriculum and pedagogy in K-12 settings and how those methods have been successful with youth of color.

3) I can describe the importance of building on students’ funds of knowledge and cultural assets.

4) I can name/use specific methods and strategies to build culturally responsive and sustaining units and lessons.

5) I can identify and explain the concept of “activist oriented pedagogy”


Credit Options Available


1 Grad Credit - $75 / 2 Grad Credit - $150 / 3 Grad Credit - $225


Assignments for 1 Graduate Credit:


A. Attend the entire 3-day XITO institute.

B. Choose five of the sessions and write a brief reflection of each.. Summarize the session in 150-250 words. Cover the following topics:  What can I apply to my teaching?  What are two concepts or readings that were highlighted?


Assignments for 2 Graduate Credits: (In addition to requirements above)


Complete one of the following assignments in addition to the requirements above. All details for these assignments will be disseminated on the college’s online platform at the time of registration.

  • Develop an action plan: Using the template started at the institute, develop a cohesive action plan (8-10 pages) applying your learning to your praxis in your classroom or community.

  • Write an analytical paper expanding on your interest in one or more of the major topics covered in the 3-day institute. Sample topics might include: Neoliberalism’s impact on K-12 education; Mexica indigenous epistemology in the context of your classroom/school/community; culturally sustaining pedagogical methodology; decolonial practices in public education; The National Ethnic Studies movement, etc.

  • Develop a unit of study (unit plan or curriculum map) integrating your learning from the 3-day institute into your unit. This could be for a specific content area/grade level or a school-wide thematic curriculum map.

  • Write a literature review on one of the major areas of the 3-day XITO institute. Literature reviews should include the most current and applicable research, integrated into a comprehensive review of the literature (10-15 pages).

  • Create and execute an action project (possibly from your action plan) and record a description of the project, how you measured the outcomes and your reflection on completion of the project. Examples of projects might include integrating the Nahui Ollin into a unit of study; developing a Xicanx literature class; organizing a family encuentro evening; developing resources for undocumented students and delivering information at “know your rights” events, etc.


Assignments for 3 Graduate Credits: (In addition to requirements for 1 graduate credit)


Complete two of the  assignments listed above. All details for these assignments will be disseminated on the college’s online platform at the time of registration.


Submitting Work

Work will be submitted through, Moodle, Prescott College’s online platform. All instructions for logging onto the Moodle site will be received at the time of registration.


Accreditation & Types of Credits/Units

Prescott College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. The credit offered for this course is graduate level, meaning that it is post-baccalaureate. It is primarily utilized for professional growth or salary advancement. It is transferable to degree programs on the approval of the institution being petitioned.


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Please contact us if you have any questions: xicanoinstitute@gmail.com