There are a lack of opportunities for teachers to improve their practices in meeting the needs of students of color through culturally responsive, authentic and research based methodology. The Xicanx Institute for Teaching and Organizing is an urban educational institute that will fill a gap in Xicanx/Latinx schooling for students and practitioners with the goal of impacting future education policy.


XITO strives to support the Xicanx/Latinx community through teacher preparation,  social justice pedagogy, and community organizing.  XITO's practices are steeped in Xicanx Indigenous epistemology which drives the intentions, structures, and practices of the institute.


Arizona is a testing ground for anti-Latinx laws, policies and practices, including HB2281, an anti-Ethnic Studies law banning Mexican American courses in public schools.  Given that many such political “experiments" have been successfully exported from Arizona to the larger nation, XITO addresses the implications of this legislation by offering workshops in community organizing and critical teaching to counter this trend.  In addition to workshops, XITO supports the continued teaching of Xicanx Literature and Xicanx Studies in Tucson, Arizona.  XITO strives to support Mexican Americans and other Latinxs, the largest minority group in the nation, by coordinating a viable way of affecting policy on the local, state, regional or national level.