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Building and strengthening our capacities to take care of our communities through mutual aid is a powerful way of reclaiming and reimagining the decolonial, anticapitalist future. In particular, this moment is unveiling the dehumanizing effects of schooling on teachers, students, and families - ranging from the pressure and expectations on educators and students to be highly functioning and over productive, lack of access to technology and resources, income loss/job instability, etc. 


This moment requires the will to act in collective solidarity. In this time of crisis, XITO is creating a mutual aid fund for educators, graduate students and organizers as a way of redistributing resources. We are providing a small number of mini-grants as well as calling on those who are able to donate part or all of their stimulus checks to be awarded through this fund.


Click here to donate: 



We are able to offer a limited number of $300 mini-grants. Eligibility to apply:

  • Must be an educator (K-20), graduate student, or community organizer directly involved in education.

  • Preference will be given to former XITO institute participants.


These grants might be used for supporting educators’ shift to distance teaching, providing internet access/food/gift cards to students, support for specific community or familial needs. 


Deadline to apply: May 1, 2020. Grants to be awarded no later than May 3, 2020


To apply, click here: 


En solidaridad, 

XITO colectiva

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