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The Xicanx Institute for Teaching and Organizing (XITO) is an urban education consulting collective and a program of the Center for Community Education, a 501c3 non-profit organization. XITO is committed to assisting urban school districts, higher education institutions, school administrators and classroom teachers to create inclusive, vibrant and dynamic learning environments. XITO consultants offer support to achieve this goal through the use of culturally responsive, rehumanizing pedagogy, and rigorous/relevant curriculum that inspires every student to thrive.

As nationally renowned urban education experts whose years of work effectively serving minoritized students, the XITO educational consultant team will support  your institution to transform through the elimination of "achievement gaps" as evidenced through both quantitative and qualitative peer reviewed studies of our work (Cabrera, et al., 2014; Capellucci et al., 2011; Sleeter, 2011).

XITO's consulting sites have included Santa Ana Unified School District (CA), North Thurston Public Schools (WA), Berkeley Unified School District (CA), Napa Valley College (CA), Gavilan College (CA), New Haven Unified School District (CA), Edmonds School District (WA), Highline School District (WA), La Cima (WA Association of School Principals), L.A. Mission College (CA), Sacramento City College (CA), Evergreen State College (WA), Denver Public Schools (CO), and Albuquerque Public Schools (NM) among others.



XITO is a grassroots, urban education consulting collective and non-profit organization committed to training teachers, school districts, and higher education institutions in decolonial and re-humanizing pedagogies and curriculum development.


There are a lack of opportunities for teachers to improve their practices in meeting the needs of students of color through critically conscious, authentic and research based methodology, specifically for teaching Ethnic Studies. XITO addresses the need for educators to receive training in liberatory and decolonizing practices with the goal of impacting future education policy.

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