XITO consultants will provide teacher training in research-based best practices in culturally, socially, and historically responsive/sustainable/empowering pedagogical approaches that are highly effective with traditionally marginalized and underserved student populations, specifically with and for Xican@/Latin@ youth. This training is for teachers at the K-5, 6-8, 9-12 levels in the areas of English/language arts and History/social science.


These teacher pedagogy training workshops include 1) overarching pedagogical frameworks that can be implemented in the classroom; 3) pedagogy implementation that work with specific curriculum units; and 3) pedagogy implementation that are specific to particular lessons.  

XITO consultants will develop academically rigorous Common CORE and state aligned curriculum units that are culturally, socially, and historically responsive in the areas of English/language arts and History/social studies. These units will be developed specific to K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 levels. For teachers in California’s 9-12 levels, the units will satisfy the University of California’s “A” (History/social science), “B” (English/language arts), and “G” (College preparatory-elective) requirements.


Additionally, a Curricular Scope and Sequence framework for English/language arts and/or History/social science can be developed. This Curricular Scope and Sequence provides the teacher with a curricular guide wherein teachers can implement the individual curriculum units within the larger curricular framework. 

XITO consultants will provide a pedagogical and curricular framework for systematic school and/or district-wide Ethnic Studies implementation. Specifically, in collaboration with administrators and teachers, XITO will provide expert assistance in the development of Ethnic Studies Course descriptions, course syllabi, and collaborate with teachers to ensure that they are working effectively towards an Ethnic Studies pedagogy and curriculum implementation.




In response to recent protests and events led by students of color across the nation, XITO is offering racial justice and diversity trainings to institutions of higher education. Meeting the demands of student activist organizations often includes training for faculty, staff and students in "cultural sensitivity".  To support this need, XITO's trainings include workshops on critical issues of race, including the historic omission of students of color in higher education; countering the "deficit model" of teaching; identifying and improving campus climates that often include racial micro and macroagressions; and a lack of Ethnic Studies curriculum which has been proven to increase the recruitment, retention and mental health of minoritized students.  XITO consultants offer their expertise in these areas for individually designed workshops and trainings at specific colleges, universities and large urban school districts.